You’re not done yet. Rotate the fiber pads to expose a new surface area and release more fragrance.


Place the canister in a smaller area such as under the sink. The air freshener will continue to freshen the air under there without overwhelming your senses.

Pour our Crystals into a nice glass bowl and let it shimmer under the light. Nothing else needs to be added - these sparkling treasures are decorative and functional. Let it shine with freshness and impress your guests.

The Odor Eliminator works great near the source of the smell. For best results and maximum effectiveness, allow a breeze to sweep over the air freshener so it can spread and capture more of the odor molecules.


Just because they look fake doesn’t mean they have to smell fake. Hide one of our smaller air fresheners, such as the Spillproof Slim Tin®, in your arrangement and let the fragrance bring your plants to life.

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