Exceptional Scents

Exceptional Scents


In my entire life I have never written to a company before to comment on their products. However, after nearly six years of using your Refresh Your Car! and Driven brands of air fresheners I felt inclined to send you a note. My first exposure to your Refresh Your Car! air fresheners was after a mobile car detailer cleaned my mini-van. The gentleman who detailed my vehicle gave me a choice of your New Car Scent or Fresh Linen Vent Sticks. I chose the Fresh Linen and now each time I go to the store I buy a new pack of sticks. My mini-van would seem so weird without that scent inside!

When my son bought his first car when he turned 18, my husband and I bought him a coupon book of car washes as a gift. After his first car wash he was offered Driven Ice Storm Vent Sticks for his car after the wash. On his own at Walmart he found that Driven offers other scents as well. He really loves the Into Darkness Scent Driven Bullets. Thank you for the innovative products and exceptional scents.

Our family will be loyal customers for life.

Francesca S.
Portales, NM


Hi Francesca,

I am really happy that you took the time to write us with your story. It always excites me to hear from people as passionate about our products as we are. The Fresh Linen and New Car Scent Vent Sticks are very popular with many people and I am thankful the auto detailer offered you some to use. I have a special place in my heart for our Driven brand and especially the Ice Storm and Into Darkness scents. As you can imagine I am constantly changing the air fresheners in my own car but it always seems I gravitate back to Driven Into Darkness or Refresh Very Cherry. Those two are my current favorites until I change my mind tomorrow and love something else.

Thanks again for writing in.

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team